I've moved my blog away from the University of Helsinki Department of Computer Science servers, where it's been living for almost two years. In anticipation of this moment I originally made all the links to my rss feeds through as forwarding service. When the blog moves, just flip the redirector to point elsewhere, and the users won't notice a thing!

At least that was the plan.

Apparently a lot of people still managed to subscribe with the target URL of the forwarder (http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/jesnellm/blog/rss-...), instead of with the forwarder URL (/blog/rss-...), and thus would still be seeing the old feed after the move.

So now I've just set up a HTTP 301 (permanent) redirect on the old location. Smart RSS aggregators are supposed to update the feed URL when seeing a permanent redirect, but judging from the access logs few do this in practice. Instead a 301 is treated the same as a 302 (temporary) redirect.

Which brings me to the actual point: If you want to keep on subscribing to this feed indefinitely, please check that you aren't using the cs.helsinki.fi URL. I'm hoping to graduate this year, which might also imply losing the 301 from the old location to the new one.

While moving servers, I also took the opportunity to redo the blog as a dynamic application (using Araneida) instead of generating static pages. I'll see whether I can procrastinate myself into adding comment support in the future.