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A description of the procedural level generator for a puzzle game I wrote.

Optimizing a breadth-first search of an implicit graph for secondary storage, and memory use in general.

PS4 downloads have a reputation of being very slow. I did some digging to find out the root cause, and was surprised.

A look at a rating system I wrote for an asymmetric multiplayer game a while back. How does it work, why does it work like that? Are there any easy tweaks that would make it better? What does 'better' mean anyway, and how should rating system quality be evaluated? How far behind the state of the art is it?

Some tools and data analysis for detecting players using multiple user accounts in an asynchronous online game.

Red7 is a clever little card game. This post uses a Monte Carlo simulation written in Common Lisp to explore the statistical properties of the game.

The implications of one design decision in Online Terra Mystica: a command language as the canonical data presentation for the backend and the UI.

The 'worse is better' history of my online Terra Mystica implementation.